Our wedding video is here!

We got a wonderful surprise yesterday evening – our wedding video is ready! We weren’t expecting to see it for maybe another month or so yet. It’s certainly appropriate that today is our two month anniversary.

Below is the “highlight reel” 3 minute preview. We also have the fully edited video coming shortly (we’ve seen the proof and it’s awesome!)

Our thanks to the whole team at Mike Staff Productions. You guys did a great job.

Wedding Day!

Good morning everyone!  Peter and I are getting married today!

It’s going to be a gorgeous, partly cloudy, 79 degree day. Since this is Michigan, that means it will be snowing by 2pm (LOL! But seriously, it could).

In the event that the weather changes, the ceremony will take place in the Fairlane Room.

As of this morning, we’re still scheduled to be outside! Just look for signs in the lobby or any Dearborn Inn staff member if you need help finding us. They’ll know where we are, or they will find out for you.

4:30pm Ceremony

5pm Cocktail hour

6:30pm Grand entrance

7pm Dinner service

See you there!


Carrie and Peter


We have a hashtag for the wedding! Whether you prefer to use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, it doesn’t matter. Use the hashtag #PCPENGUINS whenever you post at the wedding and we’ll be able to track all the photos you post! Start using it now!


T Minus 10 Days!!

Did I just write that? Only 10 days away?!? Where has the time gone???

Peter and I are elated! We are so excited and cannot wait to see everything that we’ve planned for so long come to light, and to be able to share this amazing day with you! The ceremony script is complete. The programs are in hand. The timeline is in place. The vendors are all on board. The wedding party gifts are wrapped. We’re ready!

Peter’s parents arrived on Tuesday and will be hanging out with my folks and us as much as possible before the wedding festivities. Next week, everyone else will begin to arrive. The Dearborn Inn will be filled with the sounds of British accents and crazy Yanks laughing and smiling. We’re taking over. It’s gonna be such a party!

Remember that we will post updates here on the site in the event of a change. Check the News section of our site to stay updated.

The Ceremony

Peter and I spent this past weekend working on the ceremony and mostly what we will say during the exchange of rings. We found a website that had over a hundred different suggestions of things to say instead of the traditional, “I, Carrie, take thee, Peter, to be my lawful (awful -haha!) wedded husband… for richer, for poorer… in sickness and in health…” – you all know it! We found a version¬†that really spoke to both of us and captured not only the beauty of marriage, but also reflects what we truly feel for each other.

We also finalized the handfasting verbiage portion of the ceremony.¬†If you’ve never heard of or seen a handfasting ceremony, it’s quite cool!¬†It’s an old Celtic ritual and literally is a binding of the couple’s hands with long cords or ribbons. It is also the origin of the phrase “tying the knot.” This was used long before Christianity and has made a recent resurgence as an alternative to traditional wedding vows.

Leave it to us to be extra thorough. We’ll have our own personally written vows, the handfasting, and the exchange of rings. Plus, we’ll have a reading, and the officiant has listed in the line-up “Carrie and Peter’s Story.” I’m looking forward to that!

The Dress

On Tuesday I went in for my last formal fitting and my mom and I were blown away. All the worry about the border at the bottom disappeared as it looked absolutely perfect. It’s perfect. She had to take so much off of the length since I’m 5’3″ and the dress was made for someone 5’8″. She took off about 6 inches of material so I wouldn’t trip – lol! But everything lays nicely, the length is just where it needs to be, and all the other alterations came through. All that’s left is the addition of the bustle buttons for my train. She is storing it for me until the week before the wedding so they’ll have it professionally steamed and ready to go. I’ll try it on one last time to triple check that everything is still perfect, and I’ll be good to go!

As my Matron of Honor said, “It’s getting real now!”

Wedding Update: Eleven Weeks to Go!

We are eleven weeks away from the big day!

Peter and I are planning the finer details for the ceremony and the reception. We finished choosing the table layout, and have an idea of the seating arrangements. Next up are¬†final music choices, order of speeches, and confirming the details of the ceremony. It’s all coming together and we cannot wait to see the final result! Once we finalize the order of events, we’ll post them here so stay tuned!

One of the big things off the checklist are the wedding rings! They’re done, and we love how they look. The jeweler did a fantastic job and made us both happy. Sorry for the teaser, but you’ll have to wait until the big day before I post those pics!

Invitations have been sent!

The invitations were stuffed, stamped and sent off this morning! Yay! Please be sure to RSVP on the website. You will need to choose your dinner entree at that time.

You will likely have questions, such as, “Open or cash bar?” or “Is the ceremony inside or outside?” and this¬†is where we will answer them. We will continue to post updates to the site all the way up until the big day. Travel Info, Gift Registry, and Venue¬†pages have all been updated with answers to your questions.

If we missed something, please contact us and we’ll get in touch right away.