The Dress

On Tuesday I went in for my last formal fitting and my mom and I were blown away. All the worry about the border at the bottom disappeared as it looked absolutely perfect. It’s perfect. She had to take so much off of the length since I’m 5’3″ and the dress was made for someone 5’8″. She took off about 6 inches of material so I wouldn’t trip – lol! But everything lays nicely, the length is just where it needs to be, and all the other alterations came through. All that’s left is the addition of the bustle buttons for my train. She is storing it for me until the week before the wedding so they’ll have it professionally steamed and ready to go. I’ll try it on one last time to triple check that everything is still perfect, and I’ll be good to go!

As my Matron of Honor said, “It’s getting real now!”